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  • stone and wood pacific ale

    Byron Bay 4.4%

  • little creatures rogers

    Frem 3.8%

  • garage project amarillo APA

    NZ 6.5%

  • Eagle Bay Pale Ale

    Dunsborough 5.1%

  • feral white hog

    swan valley 5.6%

  • White Rabbit Dark Ale

    Healsville 4.9%

  • weinstephaner hefe weisse

    Germany hefe 5.4%

  • young henrys natural lager

    margaret river 4.7%

  • young henrys cloudy cider

    margaret river 5%

  • zenzero ginger beer

    margaret river 4%


Meatpeople - our summer pop up style bar serving share plates of smoked slow cooked American BBQ.